Nashwa Khan

Nashwa Khan

Freelance Writer/Perpetual Student

Typically write about race, being Muslim in diaspora & feminism. I usually incorporate pop-culture and sometimes academia. Currently in a love-hate relationship with grad school.

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RH Reality Check

Queer Muslims Need Support, Not Ignorance, From LGBTQ Allies

Rather than trying to “start a dialogue” through mockery, would-be allies should allow queer Muslims to speak for themselves as they try to establish themselves in spaces that often silence or ignore them....

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RH Reality Check

Ray Rice's Domestic Violence Has Nothing to Do With Islam

In the wake of domestic abuse reports from the NFL, social media outlets were flooded with Islamophobic stereotypes about misogyny and violence....

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RH Reality Check

Wearing a Hijab for Lent Is No Way to Demonstrate Solidarity

Thousands of Muslim women who live in the United States wear the hijab and face discrimination because of it—yet non-Muslim women are praised and heralded for donning it for a single day or month....

Chapel hill shooting victims article
RH Reality Check

Would I Be Mourned in the Same Way as the Chapel Hill Shooting Victims?

There's no doubt the Chapel Hill victims were admirable individuals. But the response to their tragic deaths reflects a narrative that Muslims in the West like myself have been taught from a young age: We must become role models in our community to have value as humans....

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RH Reality Check

Young Muslims Aren't Villains—But You Wouldn't Know It From the Media

The vilification of Muslim children is not new, and it is far from limited to fictional instances. These media portrayals can translate into real-life repercussions in the lives of Muslim youth....