Nashwa Khan

Nashwa Khan

Freelance Writer/Perpetual Student

Typically write about race, being Muslim in diaspora & feminism. I usually incorporate pop-culture and sometimes academia. Currently in a love-hate relationship with grad school.

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5 Hurtful Microaggressions I've Experienced as a Muslim in Feminist ...

5 Hurtful Microaggressions I've Experienced as a Mu...

Muslim women business coaching2 article

6 Tips for Working in Solidarity with Muslim Women

Every few days, I get a question along the lines of “How do you reconcile your Muslim faith with feminism?” These questions have always puzzled me because I find that Islam and feminism complement each other well. If you’re interested in supporting Muslim women in feminism – which, as feminists,...

Jail12 article

Violence Is Not a Culturally Specific Phenomenon: How Racist Stereotypes Damage Communities of Color

As exacerbated and reinforced by the media, our society has an extremely racialized lens of violence. While white people are generally perceived as innocent, people of color experience intensely oppressive treatments in media depiction, the prison industrial complex, the school system, and within ou...