Nashwa Khan

Nashwa Khan

Freelance Writer/Perpetual Student

Typically write about race, being Muslim in diaspora & feminism. I usually incorporate pop-culture and sometimes academia. Currently in a love-hate relationship with grad school.

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Bride article

We Don't Do Enough | Coming of Faith

I am convinced that we are not doing enough in some parts of the Muslim community to discuss sexual health education....

Best 1 article

An Open Letter to Non-Black Muslims | Coming of Faith

How selfish can we be as non-black people to constantly insert our narratives and co-opt?...

1je ne suis pas charlie 660x371 article

I am not Charlie | Coming of Faith

I will never be Charlie and I am very uncomfortable with portraying their art as heroic or brave when it goes against so many of my beliefs....

Drestumblr lq469cjg6g1qk9vbwo1 500 article

I Mourn for Muslim Men | Coming of Faith

When people see my father, they see a man they perceive to be barbaric and oppressive. They see a man they believe doesn’t value women or the community....

1katniss everdeen article

Diversity doesn't exist in Hollywood | Coming of Faith

We witness fictional brown bodies have bleach thrown at them when they move from the pages of books to a screen....

1obama thanksgiving sasha malia 1 1024x768 article

A Nation of Double Standards | Coming of Faith

We witness women of color, but specifically black women, withheld the opportunity to be children, to be girls in the ways white peers are able to....

Msmarvel article

Finding Myself in Ms. Marvel | Coming of Faith

It was not until drinking and dating became their scripts that their disdain for accepting a Muslim non –white friend was not whole. They loved me in parts....

16 article

The Mindy Project wasn’t perfect, but it was a damn good start | Coming of Faith

I still have qualms with how The Mindy Project created Mindy's character, but I hold heavier criticism for Bollywood's depiction of South Asian women....

Pic1 article

#OscarsSoWhite | Coming of Faith

I’m just going to put it out there, Neil Patrick Harris lost me as a fan Sunday. He held us hostage for the night....

Cast article

Let's talk about male rape on TV | Coming of Faith

Men already under-report rape and sexual assault. This is largely due to tropes like Lucky Bastard Syndrome and feelings of shame perpetuated by society....